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Welcome to Hub Security

Hub Security is an experienced and leading integration company in Israel, providing advanced infrastructure solutions, cloud and information security. We are here to introduce you to the forefront of technology and provide advanced solutions for all computing and information management needs, customized to your organization at any stage and at any point in time.

Big Data

A variety of advanced security solutions that have met a series of stringent tests and are tailored to each organization according to its needs and requirements. Our cyber division employs dozens of experts who provide fast and creative service in a variety of fields.

Hybrid Cloud

Providing advanced IT solutions by using private cloud infrastructure, managed cloud (WeCloud) and public clouds while managing resources efficiently, cost-effectively and flexibly. Providing the ability to switch between clouds according to changing organizational needs.


Flexible and advanced cloud infrastructure that meets strict information security standards and provides a solution to a variety of organizational needs, without the need to purchase hardware and installation. A cloud infrastructure that offers availability and survivability for the delivery of your IT services.

Private Cloud

Custom IT infrastructure, managed as an internal organizational cloud. Allows you to realize the benefits of cloud computing while quickly using infrastructure, full control inhouse on computing resources And control of expenses.

Professional &
Personal Services

A wide range of support services for all the technological solutions offered in the company. From the planning and characterization phase, through installation, actual execution, support and service with maximum availability, to covering all the customer’s IT systems.

Why more and more organizations are choosing Hub Security


Breakthroughs and implement new technologies that provide a complete solution to challenges The digital age.


Analyzing customer needs, choosing technology that will provide value and benefit, both spot and long-term.


Hub Security operates within the framework, one of the largest and leading companies In the Israeli IT market.


For 3 decades the company has been successfully implementing thousands of projects of all sizes, In all sectors of the economy.


Our teams are skilled in quick problem solving, endowed with creativity and the ability to adapt to ever-changing circumstances.


Customized solutions, short implementation times, quick response to any question or problem, and maximum knowledge of market trends.