About Hub Security

About Hub Security (since 2010) from the Hilan Group is a pioneer in the fields of integration with a unique specialization in the worlds of infrastructure, cloud and information security. We empower organizations and businesses through advanced technological solutions tailored to their dimensions.

our vision
Based on professionalism, creativity and service.
We work to continue to lead in the worlds of hybrid clouds, while providing true and innovative value that supports the development and goals of the customer. Our technological professionalism is backed by quality human service, rapid implementation and personal accompaniment of each project.

Big Data
A variety of advanced security solutions that have passed a series of stringent tests and are tailored to each organization according to its needs and requirements. Our cyber division employs dozens of experts who provide fast and creative service in a variety of fields.

Hybrid Cloud
Providing advanced IT solutions through private cloud infrastructure, managed cloud (WeCloud) and public clouds while managing resources efficiently, cost-effectively and flexibly. Providing the ability to switch between clouds according to changing organizational needs

Flexible and advanced cloud infrastructure that meets strict information security standards and provides a solution to a variety of organizational needs, without the need to purchase hardware and installation. A cloud infrastructure that offers availability and survivability for the provision of your IT services.

Private cloud
Custom IT infrastructure, managed as an internal organizational cloud. Allows you to realize the benefits of cloud computing while quickly using infrastructure, full control Internal on computing resources And control of expenses.

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