All the big names in Big Data on one stage

About 1,200 participants attended the Calcalist conference this morning, which will include Yuval Diskin, Prof. Yoav Shoham, Avi Kornblum, Neil Mendelssohn, Idan Tendler, Adi Azaria, Or Ofer, Dr. Michal Tzur, and Kotiman, among others.

About 1,200 participants arrived this morning at the David Intercontinental Hotel in Tel Aviv for Calcalist’s Mind The Data conference.

Hub Security

This is the first conference of its kind in terms of scope and depth that is held in Israel and focuses on big data. It will present the leading trends, companies and speakers in the field, and it connects leading businessmen, senior executives of the high-tech industry, entrepreneurs, CEOs of start-ups, people from venture capital funds and representatives of technology and communications companies.

The conference brings to the fore the hottest topics in one of the most important areas in the world of technology. Big Data is behind all the products and services that will shape our lives in the coming decades – from chatbots and artificial intelligence, to smart homes that adapt to the behavior of tenants to autonomous cars.

Belle Diskin, head of the Shin Bet between the years 2011-2005, and his partners Tzafrir Katz, former head of the Shin Bet’s Technology Division, and Dr. Tamir Bechor, former head of the Shin Bet’s Computer and Information Division, who have been involved in cyber security corporate consulting for the past five years International, recently founded Simotive Technologies together with the global Volkswagen Group. The company is engaged in the development of products and solutions in the field of cyber security for the field of vehicles. Diskin serves as the company’s chairman, Katz as CEO and Dr. Bechor leads the strategy and global business development.

Hub Security strategy

The company consists of a group of cyber security experts and Israeli development people who are considered leaders in their field and who have accumulated extensive and unique knowledge in recent years in the field of cyber security in the automotive industry. Seimotiv is developing advanced technological solutions for securing software and hardware systems for the next generation of Internet-connected cars and mobile services, and for a rapidly evolving field in the global automotive industry of driverless autonomous vehicles.

Along with the many opportunities that vehicles allow to connect to the Internet and mobile, the risks posed by a wide range of cyber threats are also significantly increasing. Vehicles connected to the network have a large number of interfaces that are exposed to malicious cyber attacks. Through the joint venture, Volkswagen will deepen its capabilities in the field of cyber security.

One of the keynote speakers at the conference will be Prof. Yoav Shoham, Chief Scientist at Google and a member of the Faculty of Computer Science at Stanford University. Shaham, a graduate of Technion Weil, is considered one of the world’s greatest experts in the fields of big data, artificial intelligence and game theory. He is the recipient of the ACM – AAAI Award named after Alan McNeil, which is awarded to scientists whose research activities have had a broad impact on computer science.

IBM is considered one of the most important companies in the world of big data and artificial intelligence. Its activities in the field have gained much publicity thanks to the Watson supercomputer, which defeated human rivals in the Jeffrey Trivia amusement, but the company deals with many areas related to the subject and leads the integration of Big Data applications in a variety of industries. Within the company, David Bar, who manages IBM’s analytics operations in Israel and is responsible for developing the tools that allow us to extract useful insights from mountains of information, will demonstrate on stage Watson’s work and explain its implications for our daily lives.

Another significant player in the field is the software giant Oracle, whose activities focus on the development of database technology and cloud computing systems for organizations. In this world, systems that provide management capabilities and generate insights from Big Data have already become a necessary component in the threshold requirements of many customers. Neil Mendelssohn, Oracle’s Vice President of Big Data, will come to the conference to explain why information can be more valuable than cash.

Another key participant is Shmulik Seton, director of Big Data at SAP in Israel. SAP is also considered one of the key players in the corporate market when it comes to big data, but at the conference Seton will go beyond his immediate field of activity and talk about integrating big data into the world of sports, and how to develop statistical models to serve players and coaches on real-time pitch.

Voyager Labs, headed by Avi Kornblum, is developing a computing platform that is supposed to understand human behavior, by analyzing billions of different pieces of information gathered from various social networks and sources. The insights generated by the system help its customers learn about the behavior of individual users and groups, and respond in real time to global happenings. Kornblum will explain at the conference how information gathered about a large group of users can explain what the individual user might do, and vice versa.

To analyze the changes that Big Data is making in the field of retail, we invited Sisense founder Adi Azaria to the conference. The company he founded has created a Big Data-based business intelligence system that is widely used in the retail market.

Yotam Cohen, one of the founders of Wibbitz, has created an imaginative platform that allows content entities to take textual content and with a few clicks of a button turn it into a rich video that combines music and captions. The company’s customers include content giants such as CBS, Time, USA Today, La Figaro and TMZ.

Cohen will participate in a panel on the use of big data in the content world, which will also include Dr. Michal Tzur, founder and president of Kaltura, one of the most important video platforms in the world that receives a lot of attention thanks to its big data integrated services. Zap Group, Theri will educate; Katya Goldstein, CEO of Evolita – the Israeli start-up neighborhood of Watson’s competitor; and Or Ofer, CEO of SimilarWeb, which analyzes web traffic and users of the web and mobile.

To explain how Big Data has diverse and unpredictable areas among business companies and end users we have invited a host of executives from companies engaged in the field to give a series of short TED-style lectures on the impact of Big Data in their field. Moran Ben Gigi, Director and Head of Data and Analytics at KPMG, will talk about how organizations around the world generate business value from data sitting on the web. Ben Gigi will also present machine-based technology solutions that allow trends to be analyzed and forecasts produced.

Among them is Eyal Gora, founder and chairman of Zebra Medical, who will talk about the impact of big data on the field of medicine. Zebra is developing a system that can deliver an immediate and accurate medical diagnosis using an advanced image recognition engine that can analyze X-rays, MRIs and more. One of the largest anonymous medical databases in the world, which includes medical images and clinical information, and which is used for the purpose of building the system.

Dangers and promises in cyber

The issue of cyber in the Big Data era will be discussed in a panel attended by representatives of some of the leading companies in the field: Idan Tendler, founder and CEO of Fortscale, which monitors user activity to detect suspicious behavior; Nir Gil, founder and VP of technology at CyberX penetration; And Gal Ben-David, co-founder and CTO of Insights, which provides organizations with alerts about the danger of hacking into their computer systems.

Big data can also lead to big troubles when it comes to information security, and on the other hand help create better cyber protection systems. For dealing with these two conflicting elements he will want to talk about the use of Big Data in intelligence by Verint’s VP of Technology, Ziv Katzir.


As CEO of Zap Group, Ilan Tzachi heads one of the most influential factors in the world of online commerce in Israel, and one that uses big data (especially the group’s price comparison engine) years before the term became a hot phrase. But also to consumers.

Another traditional heat that can benefit from Big Data benefits is agriculture. Prospera CEO Daniel Koppel will explain how his company uses Big Data to help farmers deal with pests and diseases and produce better crops.


Optimal utilization of financial information

The fintech field is considered one of the fields that can list the maximum benefits from using Big Data, given the extensive financial information that already exists and is generated daily. Analyzing this information and using it properly can affect banks, capital markets and countless other areas of activity. Tamar Yasur, head of the digital banking division and vice president of Bank Leumi, will talk about the opportunities and challenges in the field with Calcalist editor Galit Hami.

A special panel will also be devoted to the subject, attended by Oved Harar, senior vice president of R&D at the cyber company in the field of big data, Thetaray; Mika Metzger-Berman, VP of Product at the financing company Behalf; And Ilanit Edsman, Partner and Director of Financial Risk Advisory and Fintech at KPMG and Raz Abramov, CEO of Evercompliant.

Creator Ophir Yekutiel, better known by his stage name Kotiman – one of YouTube’s first and biggest stars – will be a guest at the conference. Kotiman has gained wide public exposure through the creation of videos in which he combines separate videos of different musicians into an impressive and often exciting as well. Kotiman’s work demonstrates that big data is not only something that is relevant to technology companies, but a field of activity that has broad and unexpected implications for daily life and leisure culture.